Vision and Miission

  1. Vision
  • Introducing the students with the various branches of Indian knowledge system, culture & civilization.
  • Promoting the research of Shastric Texts using modern methodology and ways of interpretation.
  • Identifying such aspects of Ancient Indian Wisdom depicted in Sanskrit Shastric and Literary works reflected in Indian Culture coping up with modern era without losing its essence.
  • Promoting the Interdisciplinary Studies related to Sanskrit, Prakrit, Arabic, Persian etc.
  • Focusing the editing, interpreting and critically analyzing Sanskrit Manuscripts.
  • Establishing an audio-visual lab for preserving the different ways of Shakha specific recitations of Vedic Hymns. .
  • Planning to start a five year integrated course consisting of all dimensions of Indic Studies with 50 seats at the initial stage.
  • Rewriting the chronology of Sanskrit Literature using modern tools in the light of Textual, Archaeological, Linguistic evidences etc.
  • Starting the following certificate/Diploma/P.G. Diploma courses.
  • Certificate Course in Indian Philosophy.
  • Diploma in Sanskrit Linguistics.
  • PG Diploma in Vedic Mathematics (one year).
  • PG Diploma in Epigraphy and Paleography (one year).
  • PG Diploma in Jyotish (one year).
  • Computer application course for Sanskrit students.
  1. Mission
  • Implementing the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) at PG level.
  • Improving the skill of students in spoken Sanskrit.
  • Providing a conducing environment for learning that prepares the students to achieve all types of meaningfulness in their lives as responsible individuals as well as global citizens.